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Patricia McTernan/ Janie Knight/Grangemouth/Manchester

Following years of fruitlessly searching for my mother Patricia, who had been missing since she walked out on the family when I was two years old, leaving me and my 9 month old sister, and not knowing whether she was dead or alive I posted my ad on Missing You expecting to hear nothing. Out of the blue approximately 5 years later, I received an email from an old colleague of hers who informed me she was very much alive, living abroad with a new husband and family. Shortly after this I was contacted by her brother, and this led to a much awaited meeting with my long lost mother. However all did not go as one would have hoped, it was apparent to me from the start that she had no desire whatsoever to have any dealings with the children she had left behind 48 years earlier. Any questions put to her were answered evasively, or ignored. It was my actual birthday when we met and she had no idea...!! I was stunned! How do you forget your child\`s birthday!! She had obviously moved on and the resulting reunion was mentally challenging and emotionally draining for me. I regret ever turning that particular stone over, however I do now have closure and am happy that I don\`t have to have her as part of my life as she was indeed a total stranger and I could simply not relate to her, in any way. If I had to advise anyone about searching for a long lost family member, all I would say is that they are missing for a reason... So, cherish the family that are by your side, and who love and value you. They are all that matter.

~ Janie on Sunday 8th September 2019


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