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father found

after some help from a useful source i managed to locate my birth father and step family. sadly it hasnt ended well as he doesnt want to know but the main thing is now i can comfirm that i can move on with my life knowing that i wont be apart of that family along with 2 of my brothers needless to say we do have a wonderful stepfather and his family love us very much and we are satisfied with this the main was we tried and it never worked out but we know now not to go down that road again because the result will still be the same . the three of us have each other and we have a family that do love us that is all we need but i cant stress enough that if it wasnt for this website and the useful source we would never have known where to look in the first place so though it didnt end well we now know where he is

~ Caroline Jane Muccarione on Monday 9th April 2018


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