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I found My Adopted son after 45 years, I wish I never found him.

I found my son after 45 years after he was adopted at 6 months. He was an heroin addict from 15 years old stole from shops or anywhere he could. Tried working but never hold a job down. The first meeting was in Bedford, i knew straight away he was an addict shallow eyes skinny pot marked. I was arranging to retire to Thailand at the time,long story short, I paid his passage to Thailand and he was out of his head when he arrived disappeared within hours to find drugs ended up on Yabba ( some sort mix of heroin) I gave him the choice go back or go to thamkrabok temple addiction treatment https://wat-thamkrabok.org/ i lft him there 3 months, then put him through teascher training in Khon Kaen UNI he had his frist motorbike accident because riding while drunk nearly died cost me £2000. He became an alcoholic and continued to have accidents after the 6th one I said no more money for treatment the 2dn to last one the school said they would pay so I paid the hospital a month later I ask the school for the money they said they had given it to my son. I disowned him for stealing this money.He got married i thought maybe he will be better now. One year later he had another accident killing a mother he was so drunk he could hardly walk he lost his right leg at the thigh. I got the call his wife wanted a divorce the day after the accident and none of his friends wanted to know him. I relented and he came and stayed with me I got him coherent after a month or so then the police were going to charge him so he skipped Thailand and went to live with his step sister who like me disowned him years before but gave him the fare and he is now living there, I wonder what the next stage will be. So my advise is if you searching for an adopter child, be very careful wishing to find them, maybe some work out ok. mine was 8 years of hell.

~ Denis Steele on Monday 3rd September 2018


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