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Adopted but traced both my biological parents

Hi Guys, I\`m new but I wanted to share my story which is quite unusual and quite long!

It\`s 1979 and my adopted parents split up, my adopted mother was cruel beyond belief, beating me daily and my adopted father was more interested in his affair with his secretary than me. I was put into care and had no contact with either from then on.

I became 16 and had to fend for myself but I had a file with my biological mothers name so I began to trace her as soon as I was 16. She wasn\`t hard to trace as her last name was very unusual. I found the family name and found a phone number and I called it. My biological Grandma answered and although shocked, agreed to pass my details to my biological mother.

Many letters were exchanged and then we spoke after about 2 months. The biggest obstacle was that she had emigrated to Canada.
My biological mother had never put my father on the original birth certificate and at this point, she refused to tell me who he was. Roll forward 4 years later and I\`m at Ottawa airport being greeted by my biological Mum, OMG!
I was invited to stay with her and her family and we talked. She told me she had never wanted to give me up and as her father was a squadron leader in the RAAF, he was never told and her mother had decided it was the best thing to put me up for adoption as to not embarrass the family.

I ended up staying for three months and finding out who my father was, he was also in the RAAF and my grandfather was his boss. My biological father had no idea I existed!

There was one person who Mum had confided in and had dmitted to who my father was and that was my Biological Mums best friend.

Ok, this is where it gets really wierd...

~ Lesley Perowne on Thursday 6th April 2017


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