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Winifred Monagan Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Winifred Monagan
Location:  Ulster : Belfast
Message:  i have been here so many times. so i thought i would try one more time.i was born in oct 1952.i know she had a son before me and her mother reared him as her own.and i have a brother from my biolgy father he was born in whiteabby northern ireland.he was called john service.and the son called william registered his death.on 28 may 1996.they live in ashton under lyne.i suppose i have more on both sides of these families.i would like to know if they knew about me or not we cant find winnies date of birth it is not on any of my papers.so i cant find her no matter what i do it comes to a dead end.i know his birth and death but not her. i am not looking to intrude in anybodies lives.but you see this programes on tv and everybody are trying to trace who they are releated to.but my only blood releatives is my son and 2 grandsons.i loved my adopted parents i could never had better they gave me everything i ever wanted for and i really miss them god rest there souls.but if you are out there monaghan and services families get in touch.she came from manchester to have me and lived with the service family and then went to a mother and baby home on the antrim road belfast it was called mater dei hostel she was with me until july 1953. then she moved backed to temperance street ardwick manchester.so she stayed longer than most who are giving there child up for adoption.can you explain why she did it .
Posted By:  Christine Flannigan on Saturday 4 June 2016


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