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William Robert Ashman Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  William Robert Ashman
Location:  East Anglia : Luton
Message:  I am looking for William Robert Ashman born in weymouth dorset in 1987. his mum was kristel Ashman nee williamson. his father Andrew would love to meet him as he has not seemn him since he was tiny, anyone who can put me in touch with william or kristel please e mail me
Posted By:  Andy Singh on Monday 26 July 2010

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  William Robert Ashman
Seeker:  Andrew Ashman
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  I am seeking William Robert Ashman, born in 1987 in Weymouth, Dorset. His mother was Kristel Lindsey Ashman (nee williamson). His mother and were seperated a few months after his birth and she returned to live in Diamond End, Breachwood Green with her parents Jim and Kathy. However Jim passed away and as their home was a tied farm cottage, the family moved and did not tell me where. William has two uncles, Gary and Andy both of whom I believe may still in or around Luton.It may be worth noting that during Jim's life the family attended a lot of country & western music clubs and western re-enactments and did a lot for charities William would be 25 now and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d love to make contact with him, even if he doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to know his dad after all these years, his grandparents are elderly and ailing now and would love to meet their grandson. If anyone can put me in touch with William or his mum Kristel then please contact me. I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t wish to muscle in on his life, just to say hello perhaps I can be contacted by email: drewashman67@gmail Thank you
Date:  Friday 31 August 2012
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