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William Drinning/Drennan Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  William Drinning Drennan
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians : Edinburgh
Message:  Hi I am trying to find my biological father. All I know is his name and he is from the broomhouse area of Edinburgh. He is a couple of years older than my mum so he may be around 54/55. He may be living in Grangemouth, Falkirk now. His name is William Drinning.Although this may be spelt Drennan. He was seeing my mum for a while her name is Geraldine Allison she may have been known as Geraldine Wright. She was 22 when she gave birth to me. She is now 52 and she was also staying in the broomhouse area of Edinburgh at the time although she is not originally from there. If anyone can help with any information at all it would be greatly appreciated thank you Michelle Allison :) x
Posted By:  Michelle Allison on Tuesday 29 January 2013


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