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William Craig Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  William Craig
Location:  Tayside - Central Scotland and Fife : Dundee
Message:  am looking for my father,William Craig, mothers name was Elizabeth (LIz,Betty,)Cuthbert, I was born in 1955 and my name is Freda. He may have been in the Air force. May have lived in Kirkton, came from large family, fair hair and quite tall. Hope someone can help!
Posted By:  Freda Papa on Tuesday 29 May 2012

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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  William Craig
Seeker:  Freda Papa
Location:  Tayside - Central Scotland and Fife : 29364
Message:  I,m trying to locate my father, his birthdate is 1934-35 and I think he was in the forces maybe Army. My mothers name is Elizabeth Cuthbert from Dundee. We went to Australia in 1955 when I was 2. William may have come from a family of 8 siblings. He had blonde hair and a distinct bump on his nose . This is all the information I have. I hope maybe one of his family members may see this.
Date:  Monday 30 July 2007
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