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Wayne Cox / Carbis Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Wayne Cox Carbis
Location:  South Wales : Cardiff
Message:  Im looking for my uncle Wayne, we know he headed to brighton from cardiff/barry. we think he was born 24th july 1969, we last saw him christmas time '99. he met my dad Howard Morgan while they both worked in Thayers ice cream, in '88/'89. he loved going out and sunbathing with oil and a reflector, he always had whitening eye drops with him, and i remember him having a big talking parrot, perhaps a macaw, he was dating a Richard Griffiths we think, but he fancied Alan Shearer. I've been told he was very happy go lucky. Thank you x
Posted By:  Lydia Morgan on Monday 2 July 2012


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