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Terence Unknown Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Terence Unknown Picture
Location:  East Anglia : Great Wakering
Message:  I am searching for the little boy in the photo attatched. All we know is his name is Terence, no idea of a surname and date of birth but we think the photo was taken around 1946. The two girls are June Reardon in the back and Marjory Reardon seated with Terence. The little boy is related and may have been given up for adoption, possibly because of illegitimacy If you think you are him or know him, please get in touch. Other names of people in the family who may sound familiar are Grace Clayden, Willim Reardon, Leonard Fry, James Reardon, Ernest Clayden, Dorothy Reardon and Peggy Reardon.
Posted By:  Amanda Varney on Sunday 10 November 2013


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