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Sylvia Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Sylvia
Location:  East Midlands
Message:  When you were 16 did you have baby boy you kept him for6 months you had to give him up for adoption you named him graham harriss his date of birth 22 4 1954
Posted By:  Lorraine Rice on Thursday 15 September 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Sylvia Scott Alison Dowsen
Seeker:  Leah Brooksbank
Location:  North East : 6713
Message:  Hi i am looking for family members on my dads side, but dont have much information, sylvia is my dads mum but he hasn't seen her for years and alison is his sister. They was brought up in newcastle but they may have changed their surnames now. Please help if you know anything.
Date:  Sunday 24 February 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Sylvia Edrei Stead
Seeker:  Claire Killips
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  I am searching my birth mother as named above. I was born in St Mary Abbott's Hospital London and called Fiona, in September 1965 and was subsequently adopted through the National Adoption Society to a couple in Nottingham a few weeks later. Her family lived in Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire and I know that aged 27 she had married a Mr Ian Gray, and was living in Nairobi where she was still residing 2 years later. Her family owned a photograph processing business. I don't know if she ever came back to Britain but I am hoping someone in Scotland may know of her whereabouts. I would love to get in touch with her or any of her family. Many thanks
Date:  Tuesday 5 March 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Sylvia Swift Picture
Seeker:  Vince Swift
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber
Message:  I am looking for Sylvia Swift she was born on 12th may 1945 to Elsie Swift nee Haigh and William Swift.She was born at 50 westwood road castleford. her parents were divorced in august 1949. Her father went on to remarry and i am the youngest child of that marriage . I have been trying for a very long time to find sylvia. i have attached a photograph of sylvia as a little girl
Date:  Tuesday 8 January 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Marlene Sylvia Jean Rich
Seeker:  Martin Scarrott
Location:  South East : 9490
Message:  hi my wife is looking for her mother marlene sylvia jean rich who was living at 63 buckingham street alysbury in aug 25th 1963 my wifes name was debroah ann rich at that time she is now 49 and would love to no if her real mum is still around as she lost both her adoptive parents , we do have a daughter that is marlens grandaughter who is 26 yrs old please if your out there please debbie would love to meet again martin ( husband)
Date:  Monday 28 January 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  June, Anne & Sylvia Barry Picture
Seeker:  Denise Hodson
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  I am trying to find June, Anne and Sylvia known as The Three Barry Sisters in 1959/60. They may have married but unfortunately I don't have any info. It would be great to get some info. The last I heard they lived in Newcastle
Date:  Sunday 4 November 2012
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