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Stephen Michael Anthony Harrison Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Stephen Michael Anthony Harrison
Location:  West Midlands : Great Barr
Message:  Stephen is my big and older brother, hes the youngest of 3 bothers and is 54 years of age, his birthday is 20th July 1962 and he is a postman for the Royal Mail or was, I last saw Stephen many years ago after an argument with my mother when I was younger, I tried to contact him through the Royal Mail 4 years ago to let him know that our mother had passed away but got no response, as far as I am aware he wont speak or doesn\'t want to speak or keep in touch with the family but if I could find him I would love to see him so he could see my children and how they\\\'ve grown, to speak to him and see if he has family of his own, as my memory stands he had light brown hair, hazel/Brown eyes and about 5\\\'6 in height but might be taller. I really hope he\\\'s still around and will get in touch, I think his last known address was Great Barr Birmingham and he was or still is a very keen fisherman.
Posted By:  Margaret (maggie) Harrison on Saturday 10 December 2016


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