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Stephen Evans Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Stephen Evans
Location:  North West : Birkenhead
Message:  Ihave been looking for my brother stephen for over 45 years he was called Stephen, i was told he still lives in the Wirral Area his adtp dads name is Ernie. he has sisters, 3 brothers. Stephen was in Overchurch children's home from here he was adopted.i did ask the After Adoption Time a few years ago in Liverpool they did find his dad and stephens adpt name but could not tell me they could not find him to send a letter to ask him. so here i am years later still looking. we are not getting any younger. Please help me thank you Linda. x
Posted By:  Linda Rose on Friday 10 June 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Victor, David And Stephen Evans
Seeker:  Barbara Thornton
Location:  North West : 9010
Message:  I am looking for my 3 brothers, I know Stephen was adopted and I think a family member had Victor but don't know what happened to David. Our Mum was Called Nora formally Cubbins. I am also looking for my sister, Shirley who married a Brannan, a family friend called Annie Hutch looked after Shirley. My other brother, Brian and my sisters, Linda and Carol would love us all to be together one day. This would be a dream I hope will come true.
Date:  Saturday 15 November 2008
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