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Stephanie/maureen Hurst Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Stephanie Maureen Hurst
Location:  South East : Folkestone
Message:  I have been searching for my birth mother since I was 18, and nothing... I was adopted Jan 2004, all I know about my mum is that she was born October 1973 (I think) and her name at birth was Maureen but she didn\`t like it so she changed it to Stephanie, though whether legally or not, I have no clue. I have contact with my dad, K. Hardes. I was born in london, July 1996. The last place I know about her being was Folkestone but I don\`t know how much truth was in that. I am also looking for any other aunts, uncles, and my nan, Julia or Julie, I can\`t remember off the top of my head. My social worker was called C. Berry. She was Canadian, and I believe she arranged my adoption. Any help would be amazing, I haven\`t seen my mum since I was six and I\`m now 23.
Posted By:  Lydia Hurst on Sunday 4 August 2019


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