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St Brides Kids, 1945 1955 Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  St Brides Kids, 1945 1955
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : Cambuslang
Message:  Odd one this, I have been searching the Internet to try to find some of my friends/school mates etc, Mainly St Brides and Gateshead in Cambuslang. I would love to hear from anyone at all who might feel the need to swap stories, meet friends etc, well I don't expect floods of answers but if we could come up with a few perhaps we could go on from there. A name or two to be going on with; Joseph Cannon; William MacIntyre Gordon Kennedy, Pickering Family, (Meek Place) William Montgomery, Henry ferguson, Ian and Charles, Richardson. Tom Keery. John Keenan, William Lyons. Hugh (Shuggie) Coyle, James Jones, The Monahan twins (They will all be 71 or 72 now) and anyone who knows anything regarding the above mentioned. (Other than R.I.P) Thank you in advance. (I live in Spain, England, Switzerland, India and wherever life takes me)
Posted By:  James Harvey on Sunday 29 July 2012


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