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Siblings Parents Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Siblings Parents
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians
Message:  Looking for my mom's birth siblings or any information about them. Here is what we know: mom was born March 9, 1948. Original passport says she was born in Broxburn, Scotland. Her adoptive name is Anna Kazimeira Czajkowski. mom's adoptive parents must have lived in 8, Dean Park Cresent, Edinburgh in 1947. I have photos that reference that address dated October 1947. Also have a photo dated April 17, 1948 with a reference to Castlebrae - Auchterander. Mom and adoptive parents (Henry and Jadwiga Czajkowski) immigrated to Canada, departing from the Port of Liverpool, May 17, 1949. There last known address on the passenger list was 3 Laurieston Gdns, Edinborough. He was listed as a farmer, she a housewife. How her adoptive parents came to live in Scotland is unknown to me. Henry was in the army, possibly a pilot. They are also very hard to research, mostly because the last name Czajkowski is so common. Mom returned to Scotland sometime in 1953, possibly with a Salvation Army representative. Passenger embarkment list shows she departed the Port of Greenock, July 8, 1953. Last know address "Beechmount" Murrayfield, Edinborough. Here is what she remembers: As mom grew up, she saw many doctors who couldn't figure out her behaviour (turns out she was hard of hearing and all she needed was a hearing aid). She travelled back to Scotland sometime in 1953. Went to a hospital specialized for children. One doctor finally figured out mom's impairment. At some point during her stay at the hospital they placed her in an empty room. She recalls being afraid and somehow escaping and running. She ran through a beautiful park. They caught her when she stopped to pet a dog. She believes during her return she stayed with her parents who possibly lived on a farm. She remembers something about sausage - maybe a small factory or farm? She recalls other children - possibly 6. One of which was a tall boy with blonde hair who came out to help her when she got bit on the foot by a dog. Apparently she was warned not to approach the dog, but she did anyway and was bit. Possibly her father brought her back to the hospital to get stiches on her foot. She remembers a women, possibly an aunt who helped her with her hair.
Posted By:  Anna Kazimeira Czajkowski on Friday 27 December 2013


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