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Rosemary Bryan Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Rosemary Bryan
Location:  North East : Whitley Bay
Message:  I\'m searching for a friend\'s mother, Hans G Erickson Bryan, he has a twin brother, Armin Bryan, they both live in the United States, Hans lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, Armin lives in Tennessee, she is deaf. He has not been in touch with her since 2007, Hans asked me to search for her. My name is RENEE Cash she has family Virginia, or West Virginia. Hans has a younger brother, Stephen last time he talked to Stephen he lived in Italy.
Posted By:  Sonya Cash on Tuesday 28 February 2017

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Rose Or Rosemary Bryan
Seeker:  Sonya Cash
Location:  North East
Message:  I am searching for a friend who lives in the united states, little rock, Arkansas, I am searching for his mother, her name is Rose Bryan his name is Hans Gustaf Erickson Bryan he has a twin brother Armin Bryan they have another brother who live in Italy. Hans and Armin were born in Germany on January 2 1964. The last we have on his mother is 44 Hoween north shield Tyne 296 th I am a girl friend of Hans, RENEE Cash my number is ***-***-*******
Date:  Wednesday 22 February 2017
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