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Rollins Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Rollins
Location:  Greater London : Backchurch
Message:  \\r\\nbaby boy for adoption (karentravis42@yahoo.com)\\r\\n\\r\\nSeriously considering to re-home my lovely little boy out for adoption to a lovely prepared caring home that is ready to take good care of the baby boy please if you are willing to take good care of this little boy email us at karentravis42@yahoo.com for more info and pics of the baby boy\\r\\n
Posted By:  Treysongs Treysongs on Sunday 6 August 2017

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Francine Dove Adopted As Rollinson
Seeker:  Pat Lumb
Location:  Highlands and The Western Isles
Message:  Francine was born in Castleford on 9th July 1953. She was adopted by Frank and Mary Rollinson in Catcliffe when she was two years old. Frank was a miner. I am not sure whether Francine's first name was also changed at adoption. Francine was brought up with me for the first two years of our life (I am a few months older). I have documents from her birth mother that I would like to pass on to her.
Date:  Wednesday 28 November 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Angela Rollins
Seeker:  James Thompson
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde
Message:  Hi Angela, I have an old photo of you take in London appx. 1972. We met downtown London. You were looking at a menu posted for outside display on a windown. We started talking. We visited James Park, Hyde Park, Changing of the guards. Enjoyed watching an old lady feeding birds puting seeds on her mouth. She was very old. It was also very peaceful. We visited Albert and Victoria museum, walked by a statue of the Moore tower. When we walked by the Ministry of Defense you mentioned that your father worked in that bldg. etc. When we visited the Changing of the Guards he never batted an eye. Very professional. ll, I had a feeling that you may have been a pledge at one of the girls schools downtown London. Maybe they told you that you had to meet someone. Anyway that thought went thru my head. I had been traveling and hadn't shaved in a couple of days. In the USA sometimes freshman pledges have to do daring things. I am not sure you may have been a Junior. I think I was 6 or 7 years older than you at the time. You look so young for your age that some old lady thought this poor girl with this guy. Anyway, thats what you mentioned to me. We also visited some of the night clubs. Everything red and white. :-) I was driving an old Mercedes convertible (1960). I purchased it in Germany. To open the top you had had to crank the handle at the top. We thought about going to a movie but I suggested that we could get to know each other better if we went sight seeing. The post office tower was closed at that time. We couldn't visit Big Ben. The day I left to Dover my muffler and fell from under the car. I was dring downtown London about 8 am. It made a lot of noice. I drove a couple of blocks or you might say to the round about and pulled over. I just needed to tighten a couple of bolts to a u joint located in the trunk of the car. I called you back a couple of times. You were never home. Finally I talked to your father after talking to a few other people first. I'm sure he mentioned it to you. You told me you grew up in Biggen Hill. I was at the Olympics in Munchen in 1972. Visisted Paris and many other places. You were a lady. The last few years I have been teaching English in S. Korea and China. I am engaged to a girl from Shenzhen, China. A good friend always James E. Thompson Cell 903-316-5613 Retired in California as an Air Traffic Controller
Date:  Wednesday 19 December 2007
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