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Richard M A Bennett Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Richard M A Bennett
Location:  South West : Seaton
Message:  **Thank you to all the amazing people who contacted me within hours of posting my search message. Because of all your help I have managed to locate my birth family within days!! This site is incredible! I can never thank you all enough :o)** Original Message:Looking for my birth father Richard M A Bennett (born 1943) who married Pamela French in 1963. Looking also for my half brothers Julian P Bennett (born 1963) and David A Bennett (born 1965). My birth mother Ann Norcombe met my father Richard when he was living with his parents, Thomas and Evelyn Bennett, in Fore Street, Seaton in 1960. I was born in August 1961 before being adopted.
Posted By:  Sarah Lawrence on Saturday 7 September 2019


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