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Philippa Jones Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Philippa Jones
Location:  South Wales : Swansea
Message:  Hi there, I am posting this message on behalf of my husband. He is looking for his birth mother Philippa Jones.We know that Philippa was born in Crynant, Neath and lived for a period in Sketty, Swansea. Her parents were the stewards of Sketty Park Sports and Social Club. We know they were at this place in 1978-79. We seem to think Philippa jones was born in September 1961 and her mother maiden name may have been Williams. This is not fact but what we have seen on various websites, guess you can call it clutching at straws. He was born on the 10.12.1978, and his birth name was John Rhys Jones. We think Philippa will be around 50 years old now. If this rings any bells please make contact through here.If you do reply to this message pls could you leave a contact email address so I can reply. I cant reply otherwise. Thankyou
Posted By:  Jessica Ebenezer on Monday 25 June 2012


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