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Pat Duffy/ann Duffy/ Family Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Pat Duffy Ann Duffy Family
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : Milton
Message:  hi, jeanette here , lm looking for my family. pat duffy has 2 children maybe in ILAND still,ann duffy has 2(3?)children in glasgow(?)the children are my cusan's and anty/ucal for pat's and ann's sister, l remend pat and ann wen l was 14 year's old, l stayd with pat in the hollday's in glasgow .please get in touch , l bo not know why we lost touch ,meny year's ago, mum's said she havnt seen or hard from u all for 10 year's but l have not see or hard from u (pat and ann) 22 year's if u had sent me card's ovr the 22 year's l never got them ! l would love to hear of u all, u have a exsendid family 4 at the momant.jeanette to confam (kerr)
Posted By:  Jeanette D on Wednesday 11 April 2012


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