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Mr. Collins Or Colin Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Mr. Collins Or Colin
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Hello. My biological father worked for the firm FLETCHER & STEWART LTD. Sugar Machinery manufacturers from Derby, England. This firm is no longer in operation but it Gained a Contract for Woking in El Salvador in 1974. My father went to el Salvador with the Engineer Stephen T Kirkham and another 3 Engineers to JIBOA, a sugar mill. They were in El Salvador since 1974 to 1976. My father, one of those Engineers, had an engagement with my mother, Maria Ema Bonilla, she were working there in JIBOA at that time. My father left El Salvador around February 1976 when the work was done in JIBOA and at that time my mother was already pregnant, so I think he might know about me because she says she told him. My mother does not have any pictures of him because she Left El Salvador because of the war and she lost every paperwork and pictures. When they were engaged she did not speak English so they did communicate to each other using signs and a translator person. my mother remembers that his name (or maybe last name) is Collins or Colin. He was around 30-35 years old at 1975 so if he is still alive he must be over 70 years. She was 22 then when she got pregnant. As far as my mother says, my father seems like me, he is tall, white, big blue eyes, big long nose, long lashes, and thin face shape. He did not have the front teeth also. The information I got is that a guy named Val Swindell was the contracts director and he was the person who negotiated the Jiboa Contract, and also there is another guy Robert Alleyne from Barbados who was the sales representative for El Salvador. Also the co-worker of my father Stephen Kirkham (I got his LinkedIn profile and his Facebook profile but it seems he might passed away because there is not any recent activity since a while ago and he have not replied to my messages yet) Basically I just have te name (or las name) Collins or Colin but In the sugar mill in El Salvador they changed all the personnel so it has been so hard to find something else. I need your help if you are an ex employee from there, if you have any helpful information or if you know someone who can help me. Best regards. Email: clasificadosads@gmail.com
Posted By:  Ronmel B on Saturday 30 June 2018


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