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Mick Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Mick
Location:  West Midlands : Hill Top
Message:  I am seeking a man called Mick. He used to date my mom Margaret Stephenson (was Marsden) I believe he is from the Hill Top area of West Bromwich. I am her eldest daughter Ann Marie and I would like him to contact me. I believe he would have been born between 1950 and 1961. He met up with my mom in 2001 he gave me a ring and a charm bracelet for my 21st birthday. I've not seen him again since.
Posted By:  Ann Marie Stephenson on Sunday 21 August 2016

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Category: Armed Forces - Navy
Name:  Mick Eccles
Seeker:  Lynn Coles
Location:  South West : 14836
Message:  Doing some research for a former Marine friend. Looking for Mick, also a Marine, who may be living in the Plymouth area. Aged late 50's. Might be sleeping rough? Any info, greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Date:  Tuesday 21 May 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Mick Taylor
Seeker:  Glyn Cheshire
Location:  West Midlands : 20531
Message:  Hi i`m trying to trace mick, we worked at BHS distribution centre in Atherstone, late 70`s to mid 80`s, i knew he was married to Veronica (i think,or venessa), and had a daughter, just wondering what you are up to these days.
Date:  Monday 20 August 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Oreiley (mick)
Seeker:  Ann Garside
Location:  Greater London : 5488
Message:  i am looking for any relatives of my father who was Mick Oreiley (not sure of the spelling) my mothers name was Janet hudson,(i was called Tracy and put up for adoption in 1962). Mick was married before i was born and possibly had a daughter who may of been called susan. susan would now be in her early - mid fifties. i have been told that mick may have died, but i would just like to hear from anyone who may of known him or his daughter.
Date:  Saturday 4 June 2011
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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  Michael (mick) J. Charlesworth
Seeker:  Marjorie Edwards
Location:  Greater London
Message:  Please contact me again. Only want to apologize and explain. Important to me Mick!
Date:  Friday 18 January 2008
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Michea(micky) Solomons
Seeker:  Wendy Green
Location:  Greater London : 5670
Message:  micky Solomons ,was fashion desighner in 1970s london lived and hung Chelsea urgent contact needed.
Date:  Friday 1 June 2007
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