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Michael Taylor Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Michael Taylor
Location:  South East : Reading
Message:  Looking for Michael Taylor from the Reading area - will now be in late 70s - knew Susan Hole in 1959 - would be grateful if anyone knows him/of him to get in touch - thank you
Posted By:  Janet Higgs on Thursday 26 October 2017

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Beverly Taylor Mother Of Michael Taylor
Seeker:  Kelly Byrne
Location:  East Anglia : 2656
Message:  i m the daughter of joseph byrne i hope if you see this message you find it in your heart to get into contact it would mean alot to my dad and me my sister and brother no pressure please we d love to catch up evan if you dont want to just to know your both ok and happy
Date:  Tuesday 10 July 2007
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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  John Michael Taylor
Seeker:  Alisha Knox
Location:  Ulster
Message:  John M (Michael?) Taylor....Or any relatives? He is from Belfast Northern Ireland in 1979 he lived near or in Andersontown and was in the armed forces.(My own Mum and granny were both Catholics, which is why I am told he was never contacted about me (his daughter) when I was born!?) He would have been born Approx 1960-1961? making him about 52-54 now.... He met Mum (Sally Flack)in the fall (September) of 1979 on a night out in Bangor. She lived in Churchill Park and he had been to the house, He and Mum dated for around 5-6 weeks, but he never returned after a 30 min row with my grandad!? He also had a scooter/ motorbike at the time. & is tall with red/strawberry blonde hair. I’d love to hear from him, I’m not looking to disrupt his life and or family. (& live in England now) I’d just really love to see his face or hear his voice even if it’s to let me know he is alive, well and happy! Before it’s too late.
Date:  Thursday 2 May 2013
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