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Michael Mclaren,Gunner R.a 1509253 Missing Person

Category: Armed Forces - Army
Seeking:  Michael Mclaren,gunner R.a 1509253
Location:  East Anglia
Message:  Hi. I am searching for a friend of mine, for her father. His name is Michael Mclaren . We know little about him, except his service number which was gunner R.A 1509253.He was born in 1918.at Dumbarton Street, Dalmuir, He fought in the ww2,in the Maritime Royal Artillery, and came from Custom House in East London. Possibly Randolph Road. His father was Bernard, and he had a brother, initial H. We think he worked for a time in the shipping office of the star lines, as a pay clerk, in the Victoria Docks. He emigrated to Australia after the war, where he married. His daughter, now retired has only recently discovered these facts, and is hoping to track her father before it is too late, and also to find out if she has any blood half siblings. If any of these things rings a bell, please reply. Time is running out! Thanks.
Posted By:  Mary Luton on Thursday 1 May 2014


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