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Michael Locke Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Michael Locke
Location:  South West : Yeovil
Message:  my life has been a difficult road since finding out my father wasn't my real dad ,i was told this aged 7 ,, over the years i can now see why i behaved like i did sometimes( never naughty with the police ) just a sense of being rejected, thankfully i have an amasing successful son (27) ,,what also gets to me is the fact i could have brothers and sisters(he must of kept it from them , as i think they would also like to know about my existence and meet) there are so many firms on this internet to know whom to trust and isn't just after money ,,it needs a sympathetic company maybe,, i have his name and date of birth and he used to own a Rolls Royce garage in the Weston-Super-Mare area, sold that in about 1977, i found the garage and they gave me his forwarding address which was in Yoevil, i drove there and phoned from a call box, as i didn't just want to walk up to the front door(his family has done no wrong and i wanted to give him the chance of meeting in the pub ,, he didn't want to know or meet me and hung up,, i know he is out there and i need a good pointer to someone that will find him, it's a very emotional time ,i have knocked on the wrong door once, as my mom said he lived there, he didn't but the walk to the front door took all my strength ..this is a shout out for some help ,,any ideas would be welcome
Posted By:  Simon Pickering on Tuesday 27 September 2016


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