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Mary Mahoney Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Mary Mahoney
Location:  Greater London : Hampstead
Message:  I was adopted in October 1953. My birth name is Margaret Mary Mahoney. I was adopted by Ronald and Mary Eley. I am anxious to locate any member of my birth family. December 13th 2017.... I received my full birth certificate. My mother worked as a kitchen maid at 129 St. John\`s Way, Islington, she lived there also. I was born at 20 Kings College Road on January 11 1953. I am told that the St.Johns Way address was a \"workhouse\" called Hillside. I would like to contact any siblings I may have, or even my mother, my birth name was Margaret Mary Mahoney....the details of my father are blank.....no big surprise there. Thanks for any help. If a family member reads this, please don\`t think I\`m looking to intrude on any one\`s life, I simply want to know of any genetic problems I have to look forward to, have a bone disease, genetic. Thanks.
Posted By:  Sue Middleton on Thursday 16 November 2017


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