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Margaret taylor Hay/GORDON HAY/THOMSON Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Margaret Taylor Hay Gordon Hay Thomson
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians
Message:  i am looking for my auntie and uncle,my auntie was born in edinburgh from west preston street t she had sisters kay patricia and brother charleswill be around 77 now also my nana jessie hay had a boy out of wedlock before patricia ,he was born in a house in whitburn my nana had him in edinburgh but my grandad made him go,i dont think i will ever find them but i will never give up hope,it all depends on birth in house in whitburn,edinburgh.my auntie margaret was the eldest of the family,we dont know anything other than my mum didnt get on with her.my auntie patricia never even knew about her half brother till i told her 5 years ago.if anyone knows how to check birth in houses in whitburn mother jessie hay please help.ive now found out my uncle was born 1944 in whitburn registered under two names gordon thomson and gordon hay ,all thanks to someone on here for the information.margaret taylor hay
Posted By:  Garry Finlayson on Friday 30 March 2018


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