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Margaret Kelly Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Margaret Kelly Picture
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : Glasgow
Message:  I wish to make contact with my seond cousin/s and family circle whom I last heard of were born and living in Glasgow in 1950s. Margaret Kelly and her sister/s were family of my first cousin William Kelly who worked for PO service in 1950s. Other cousins were Francis and Isobel Kelly.I think prehaps Margaret's married name may be Donaldson and living near Bailliston area of Glasgow at one time?. William's older brother was Jackie Kelly whom I met in 1990 he died sometime later in 1990s,he had also worked in PO service after serving in British army, he was posted to Dunkirk during WW2.He later lived at Easterhouse area of Glasgow. William and Jackie were sons of William sen and Margaret(Peggy my aunt)Kelly.Other members of senior Kelly family were, Mary, Annie, Bethy and Cathy.I would like to share some family history with you all.Try to make contact.The attached photo is of my family (eleven in my family) takin at my sisters double wedding in 1966,the man at bottom right of picture, my late brother John,he resembles the younger William Kelly, (my mother sister of Margaret Peggy Kelly sen) passed away almost six months after this family photo was takin.Prehaps a family historian/reseacher may see this message and let my second cousins the Kellys know.I often think of you all. Even a private letter to me at the address below.Thanking you. your cousin- Olivia O'Dolan in Belcoo Co Fermanagh.BT 935 DA. N.Ireland.
Posted By:  Olivia O'dolan on Monday 23 September 2013

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Margaret Kelly
Seeker:  Sylvia Thompson
Location:  South East
Message:  I am looking for Margaret Kelly who had a daughter in Park Royal Hospital in Willesden in March 1950. Your daughter would love to meet you.
Date:  Wednesday 22 August 2012
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