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Lynne Jones Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Lynne Jones
Location:  North Wales : Prestatyn
Message:  I am searching for my adopted sister born 20th March 1968 in Chatsworth House Hospital in Prestatyn. She was taken to Liverpool to be adopted. I realise her name would have been changed does anyone recognise her DOB would dearly love to meet her.
Posted By:  Pam Bourne on Sunday 27 August 2017

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lynne Jones
Seeker:  Selene Kuhlmann
Location:  North West
Message:  Lynne Jones, Catherine Turner and myself, Selene Dunbar, all went to Yew Tree Comprehenesive School,Northenden. We all left in 1965. We last heard of Lynne in the early '70's when we heard she was getting married to a farmer who lived out Blackpool way. Jones is Lynne's maiden name, she'll be 63 or 64 years old and she used to live in Didsbury. If Lynne reads this or if anyone knows where she might be, please get in touch as we'd love to have contact again.
Date:  Friday 21 June 2013
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lynne Jones
Seeker:  Ron Snowdon
Location:  West Midlands : 19599
Message:  Trying to find Lynne (Jones) maiden name from the 1960s. Last time we had contact was 1966/67 and was living in Berwick Ave,Shrewsbury with her family mother father and sister and I would like to find out her life history.Lynne's father was a coalman in Shrewsbury. I hope some one can help me.
Date:  Tuesday 29 December 2015
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Lynne Jones (birth Name)
Seeker:  Pam Bourne
Location:  North Wales : 30790
Message:  Searching for my half sister Lynne Jones. (Birth name). Who was born in chatsworth house maternity home on the 20th march 1968 to a Carol Anne Jones from Prestatyn district at time was St Asaph, North Wales she was taken to Liverpool to be adopted by my grandmother Irene jones.
Date:  Wednesday 5 April 2017
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lynne Jones (maiden Name)
Seeker:  Irene Bisson
Location:  North Wales
Message:  I am looking for Lynne Jones (maiden name) from Prestatyn, Clwyd LL19? (last known address). Her brothers name is Ian Jones. I am an old friend from the U.S.(California). Thank you.
Date:  Friday 15 June 2018
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