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Lorraine Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Lorraine
Location:  South East : Farnborough
Message:  I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\`m looking for my daughter who I named Lorraine, she was born in a hospital that has closed down,but is now replaced by frimley park Farnborough, you were first with foster parents for a few weeks, then I sighned the papers and that was it, I never knew where you went, I came home to cumbria, but never forgot you, your name could have been changed, but I bet you look like our family, id love to see how you are, what your life was like, I think of you every day, you were born in August 1974, I know the date, but I\\`m hoping by keeping it to myself, I wont get any emails off people who just want to break my heart, I don\\`t even have a photo of you, I never did, I did have a copy of your birth certificate but it went missing somewhere down the line,
Posted By:  Kathleen Rawes on Sunday 6 August 2017

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lorraine & Kevin Williams
Seeker:  Barbara White
Location:  Greater London : 5752
Message:  I am looking for the number of house that Lolla & Kev live at, I have the road but have had my mail returned to me with wrong number written on envelope. Can anyone help, I do know its in the 200's Lolla and myself have been friends for over 40years, but I have lost my address book, and I really want to contact her again.
Date:  Thursday 29 December 2011
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lorraine Dixon Picture
Seeker:  Salum Gideon
Location:  Edinburgh and The Lothians
Message:  She was my friend Last contact by mail letter was 1987, that she was schooling. Please trace her and let me know.
Date:  Wednesday 3 February 2010
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lorraine Tina Louise Agent
Seeker:  Brenda Henry
Location:  North West : 8812
Message:  i am trying to find my two children,now aged 25 +23,my ex husband had custody of them and was posted with the army catering asscoation, i don'nt know if they stayed in the area after ian,thier dad left the army. I think about them evey day and wonder if they're okay,and if im a grandmother,birthday's and family holiday's are painful,as i think that's another year lost without them. I just want them to know how much ,i love and miss them.back then i had nothing to offer them,not even a roof over thier head's.ian was in a posisition where the army helped him.I last saw Lorraine and Colin when they lived in edinbrough,lorraine was 9 and colin celebrated his 7th birthday the weekend i was there,that is my last memory of them,as i have'nt even got a photo of them.So im BEGGING if anyone know's them or there wher about's PLEASE,PLEASE help me.
Date:  Tuesday 11 November 2008
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Ishia Lorraine Jones
Seeker:  Skye Lorraine Tidy
Location:  Greater London : 5440
Message:  Hi, I'm looking for my mum ishia l jones. Last time I heard from her she was in prison (2010) I was adopted in 2000 and would like to make contact with her, so if anyone has any information please don't hesitate to get in touch or anything else you would need to help with your searches. Many thanks Skye l tidy xx
Date:  Saturday 8 December 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Claire Lorraine Plumley Picture
Seeker:  Jane Webber
Location:  South West
Message:  My maiden name was Whitehead & I am searching for my sister who I have not seen for over 11 years. Claire is about 35, and was last heard of living in the Bristol area.
Date:  Wednesday 31 December 2008
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