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Kenneth Smith, stuart smith or shirley smith Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Kenneth Smith, Stuart Smith Or Shirley Smith
Location:  North East : No Town Information
Message:  NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE hi I am looking for Kenneth smith I have limited information but what I do know might help. he is my farther who ive not seen from a very young age whom I would like to contact. he has or had a tattoo of a cross in the center of his forehead also a brother who I think may be his twin named stuart, asister named Shirley who has 3 children I think amber dale and sarah. these are from Newcastle but Kenneth has also lived in the Cheshire area not too far from chester, also has 2 children that I know of myself and my brother Christopher. anyone who could help or knows him could contact me here or on facebook. my name is Andrew Jennings and my profile picture is of myself and my baby boy who passed but I would like for my farther to come and meet his two other grandchildren. I ALSO THINK SOMEONE ELSE HAS POSTED ABOUT HIM ON THIS SITE BEFOR BUT THE LINK HAS EXPIRED BUT I CAN SEE THE SMALL DESRIPTION ON THE GOOGLE SEARCH Location: North East : Newcastle Upon Tyne ... he has or did have a tattoo of a cross in the middle of his forehead,he had 2 children
Posted By:  Andrew Jennings on Wednesday 20 April 2016


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