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Italian Biological Father Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Italian Biological Father
Location:  Greater London : Kings Cross
Message:  I am Wendy Ann age 43 born in January 1976 at Islington Hospital my address at birth was 16, Earlsferry Way, Binfield Street to June Sigward who was married to Bryant but had a fling or affair and I was the result of there meeting. My biological father is Italian and is aware of my birth as visited me when I was a baby.. I have sisters Rita, Tina and Kerry who remember you visiting my mum to give money for me. He may have worked with June and he may had been married himself.. Not much to go on but hoping someone can help me find him.. his name could be Michael, he would be in his late 70\\`s 80,s... Someone\\`s Grandfather..
Posted By:  Wendy Robertson on Sunday 17 February 2019


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