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Julian Greene, A.k.a. Stewart Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Julian Greene, A.k.a. Stewart
Location:  North East : No Town Information
Message:  Julian Greene, also known as Julian Stewart, is the second son of my father Peter Greene. Julian was born in the late 19 40`s in London, I was born in 1951, also in London. My name is Christopher. Our sisters Karen and Diana are in touch, as is Nina, our eldest brother Martin`s daughter. No other siblings survive. my two e addys are, metanoia_aphesis@hotmail.com, and christopheranthonygreene@gmail.com. I, like Julian, took my step father`s surname for many years. He was Andrew Fairnington. Julian`s half brother, Paul Stewart, is still in London. I believe Julian is in the north of england.
Posted By:  Christopher Fairnington on Saturday 14 September 2019


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