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Joshua Mansfield Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Joshua Mansfield
Location:  South West : Plymouth
Message:  Hi! I am looking for my little half brother. I will out as much information as I can here but the circumstances are unknown so I don\`t have a lot to go on, however the people here have helped me before with less! So. My father, Kevin Michael Stewart, has possibly fathered a son, and I would like to contact the mother and son to see if we are indeed related (always wanted to be a big sister!). I believe the mother is called Sarah Mansfield. The son (my potential brother) we think was called Joshua - he will likely either have the surname Mansfield or Stewart. He would have been born in or around Plymouth, in roughly 1999/2000/2001. He\`s approx 19 now. I think the best way to search this would be via birth certs etc but I don\`t have access to anything like that. Thanks in advance!
Posted By:  Samatha Ralphs on Thursday 19 September 2019


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