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Jones Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Jones
Location:  South East : No Town Information
Message:  Looking for members of the Jones family. Father Richard H G Jones born 1938 Waltham Forest. Died 2006 Havering. Possible Mother Mary Peggy Irene Doe, born 1935 Epsom Surrey. We have found one Son Jon Paul Jones born 1969 ish but Jon Paul is looking for brothers/sisters that they may have had.
Posted By:  Jean Pelham on Wednesday 30 August 2017

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Lynda Mary Jones
Seeker:  Jill Martin Nee Hobbs Jones
Location:  West Midlands : 20219
Message:  I am looking for my half sister born Lynda Mary Jones Birmingham Dec 1944.Father (deceased) was Bertie Jones born 1919 Pontypridd.Our mother was Mary Matilda Jones( nee Matthews). Mary then went onto marry Luke Dickens my father.Lynda will be 68/9yrs old. Some family members think Lynda may have gone to live in the west country. Lynda has probably married however donot know her married surname.
Date:  Sunday 3 March 2013
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Paul Jones
Seeker:  Sammy Clarke
Location:  Greater London : 5652
Message:  I have not got much to go on ... I am looking for a man whos name at birth i believe to be paul jones , he was born in 1978 in greenwich ... His birth mothers name is susan elizabeth jones , maiden name duckworth. There was a rumour that hes adoptive parents emigrated to australia straight after adoption.
Date:  Friday 8 March 2013
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Category: Armed Forces - RAF
Name:  Gavin Jones
Seeker:  Dave Newman
Location:  East Anglia : 2526
Message:  this is a long shot.i`m looking for a person,gavin jones who was from south wales and served in the RAF.he was with a detachment based in woodside or wild hill at essendon.i`m not sure what date, could be the late 40`s or early 50`s.if anyone has any knowledge of this person would they kindly conatct me..
Date:  Sunday 15 February 2009
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Trevor Colin Jones
Seeker:  Sean Cooke
Location:  South West : 16642
Message:  looking for trevor colins jones, used to date karen way they had a child complications came about and lost contact woulf love to get in contact as he has a daughter that he has only sen and she has grown alot and would like to meet her daf any info anything will help reunite a father and daughter today his bob is 3 or 4th may 1974 last known address 44 wedgewood road twerton bath
Date:  Sunday 21 September 2008
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Category: Armed Forces - Navy
Name:  Helen Hillson Gray Jones
Seeker:  William Jones
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  LAST HEARD FROM HER, WAS AFTER LEAVING FROM VIETNAM. HAS SON NAME GARY. WAS MARRY TO HER BEFORE GOING OVERSEAS. mother name lillian gray last address was16 queenshill st. springburn, glasgow,scotland and 20 belmont st, also c/o of l. gilhooley at 47 kill corn st or mrs.cath divens at 180 park st or 42 garriochmill rd glasgow scotland 00306 these addresses was forwarded to me after my mother died anyone knowing of her please contact me at whjones1@hotmail or knowing of the whereabouts of her son gary. thank you
Date:  Sunday 21 September 2008
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