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John (possibly) No Surname Known Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  John (possibly) No Surname Known
Location:  Ulster : Strabane
Message:  My name is Zoë Foley born on 27/09/1996 I’m looking to find out any information about my paternal grandfather. His only son (that I know of) is my father John ‘Noel’ Houston born in Strabane December 1975/76 around Christmas Day. He would have had my father to a woman named Mary Houston from the St Mary’s Drive area in Strabane who was born around late 40’s. She also had about 6/7 sisters. I do not believe my grandfather had much contact with my father or grandmother and may possibly have left at birth or before that. This man who may be called John could possibly be from or if still alive, living in the Omagh area with other family. This is the only piece of information I have as I do not have any contact with my own father now. Any information would be greatly appreciated if you could get in contact with me. Thank you
Posted By:  Zoë Foley on Friday 21 June 2019


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