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Jennifer White Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Jennifer White
Location:  North West : Manchester
Message:  I am looking for a friend I met online about a year ago, Her name is Jennifer (Jenny) White and she lives near Salford Quays in Manchester. I believe she owns/manages 3 bars, 2 in Manchester and one just outside. Jenny went on holiday early February, to Barbados with her girlfriend who is also called Jennifer (Jen). They were due back in England on 20th February but have not been seen online since then. A group of us who were close to Jenny are increasingly worried about her. If she dosen\\\\\\\\\\\\`t want to be found that is fine, we just need to know she is ok. Her phone is switched off and she is not answering emails or whatsapp messages. A shoutout on Facebook and ringing round bars in Manchester has drawn a blank.
Posted By:  Fiona Whitehead on Tuesday 7 March 2017


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