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Jeanette Missing Person

Category: Armed Forces - Navy
Seeking:  Jeanette
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  Jeanette. Please hit send reply at the bottom of this message.
Posted By:  Benjy D on Tuesday 1 March 2016

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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Jeanette Marie Ashby
Seeker:  Paula Aubrey (was Sarah Gleeson)
Location:  East Midlands
Message:  My name's Paula and i'm searching for my mother, Jeanette Marie Ashby. She was also known as Jeanette Gleeson and Batchelor was her maiden name. I was born in Jersey in 1964 but my mother was from London. My mother also had a son, David Gleeson, from a previous marriage, who went to America with his father around 1963. I'd love to hear from my mother, my half brother and indeed, anybody with any genuine information. Thank you.
Date:  Saturday 2 June 2007
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Jeanette Breining Nielsen
Seeker:  Charlotte Klitsgaard
Location:  Greater London
Message:  Hey I´m seeking Jeanette Breining Nielsen (now married and proberbly have a new last name) my old friend from Denmark. Moved to GB in 1988. Have 2 sisters Sandra and Debbie? Who also lives in GB as well as their mother. Jeanettes father lives in Spain. Your friends Connie, Bolette, Judy, Iben, Lisbeth, Tina (from Holland) and Charlotte would love to get in tuch with you.
Date:  Friday 3 October 2008
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Linda Agar, Or Jeanette Or James Wills
Seeker:  Natalie Masters
Location:  South West
Message:  Hi I saw your message on here but u posted in 2006 I have tried to contact but the email address keeps coming back as invalid. I am Jason Clarks girlfriend he was born as Jason appleyard in 1987 in Yeovil I believe please please can u get in contact. Thank you
Date:  Wednesday 3 October 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Jeanette Hughes
Seeker:  Ruth Thornton
Location:  West Midlands : 20680
Message:  Am looking for my friend Jeanette nee Hughes. Last known address was Hawthorne Road,Kingstanding,Birmingham. That was in 1976. Have been looking for her for years and have had no luck. Would love to get in touch with her again. Please, if anyone knows her whereabouts do contact me.
Date:  Sunday 5 September 2010
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Jeanette Marion Wood
Seeker:  Richard Peter Wood
Location:  No Regional Information
Message:  Jeanette, you may be married and I do not know your correct surname, but it is nearing your birthday again and I have missed so many since 1974. Dad died 3 years ago in Mexborough Hospital. Mum is in Sheffield Northern General Hospital with MRSA after having a carcinoma removed. She is not well at all and needs to see you before it is too late. Whatever reason you had for leaving home all those years ago must by now have been forgotten. I was away in the navy when you left, and the last photo I have to remember you by is that taken at my wedding in 1973 when you were chief bridesmaid. Please get in touch Jeanette we all miss you dearly.
Date:  Tuesday 12 June 2007
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