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Ivy Or Florence Milne Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Ivy Or Florence Milne
Location:  Aberdeen and Grampian
Message:  can any one PLEASE help....looking for any living relatives of sisters Ivy and Flo (Florence ??? ) Milne,... or could have had the surname Burr Milne.... born in the Aberdeen area in the early 1900,s. maybe New Macher or Monquihiter AREA ????. they had a brother called Roy who had two children called Barbara+James... it is possible that.flo had 3 sons called Ernest (ernie). William (billy) and eric and I think one of them died in new Zealand, not sure how many children Ivy had but I think that she moved to the London area..also I think that flo died at appx age 48 of cancer both sisters and brother were born somewhere around 1910 to 1915. there parents were called Helen and James Milne. or Burr milne.... can anyone help me to expand my family tree on my fathers side...he was Roy Burr Milne
Posted By:  Christine Kayes-hall on Friday 19 June 2015


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