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information regarding twins edward and joseph donnely 1928 Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Information Regarding Twins Edward And Joseph Donnely 1928
Location:  Ulster : Dungannon
Message:  I was wondering if anyone would have information regarding my father Edward and his twin brother Joseph Donnelly born 1928 who were sent to live .around the age of 12 to a Mrs Mayes in Greenock, Scotland....My father just passed away and we know for sure he has relatives in Ireland..as went there when I was 12 and happened upon a small cafe...ended up the owners were my dads relatives(they remembered him) we stayed there and they took us to a convent where my father got to visit with an aunt who was a missionary and a Mother Superior..sorta silly but I remember she was blind in one eye....Their mother was a Lucy Jones.. MY dad never wated to visit here and we never seen her although I think she lived in Glasgow before her death.Thanks for taking the time....Kindest Regards...Flora
Posted By:  Flora Moran on Saturday 25 August 2007


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