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Half Sister Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Half Sister
Location:  Greater London : London
Message:  I am looking for my half sister born in either 1977 or 1978 her mother had just turned 16years old and her father was 14/15 at the time of the birth you would of been born in London maybe Islington I am not sure.the only information my dad knew was what the mum told him which was it was she had a healthy baby girl who was put up for adoption straight away I believe she may of been called emma but again I cant be sure. the mums name could possibly be kate. any information or suggestion please get in touch. if there is the littlest possibly it sounds like it could be her
Posted By:  Lily Youngs on Tuesday 20 September 2016

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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  Half Sister??
Seeker:  Joanne Blasco
Location:  South East : 9886
Message:  My father was called Trevor Osmand and unfortunately passed away 2 years ago. There has been talk recently that a woman came to Jersey a long time ago (10 years plus) to find my father. Unfortunately we do not have her name. My father was based in the Aldershot barracks and it would have been around late 70's?? I am trying to find this lady as she may be a half sister! If anyone can help, please get in touch!
Date:  Friday 16 November 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  My Half Sister
Seeker:  Nusrat Khan
Location:  Greater London : 5617
Message:  Hello. I'm looking for my half sister, possibly born in the winter of 1967. My brother was born in April 1967 and me, a year later. I don't have her mothers name (or hers) but she had a daughter with my late father, his name was Muhammad Binyamin Khan but commonly known as Ben. He worked in the dry cleaning business, especially around Balham, Fulham and possibly in Wimbledon. I've only just found out he has a daughter and am desperately tryingnto trace her. I would be extremely grateful for any information, however small. Thanks for reading.
Date:  Friday 15 March 2013
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Half Sister
Seeker:  Debbie
Location:  West Midlands : 20923
Message:  baby girl born in 1960s birth mother Ann Bradbury birth father Peter Brown from shirley solihull dnt have anymore details i know its a long shot
Date:  Friday 14 December 2012
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Category: Adoptions
Name:  Half Sisters June& Laura Horton
Seeker:  Lee Glass
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : 26800
Message:  I'm trying to trace twin daughters my father had I believe they were born june 1965 In buckredden in Kilwinning or Irvine central birth names june horton and laura horton birth mother is alison margaret horton from prestwick my dad is Hugh Morrison from ayr if anyone has any information please get in touch I would love to meet them
Date:  Sunday 9 December 2012
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Kev Jackson Liggs Half Sister
Seeker:  Joan F Rous
Location:  Greater London
Message:  Kevin Jackson Liggs is trying to locate his half sister. She was born in London, England on Feb. 2nd 1957 in a Maternity Home. Her name is unknown but her surname could have been "Oliver" as the maiden name of the mother was Sylvia Ann Oliver. The mother, Sylvia Ann Oliver was born in Ireland in 1939. Kevin's half sister was left at the Maternity home by Sylvia Ann Oliver after her birth. On Feb 5th 1957 Sylvia Ann Oliver married a Mr. Liggs in Brixton. They left for Canada to Saskatchewan. Kevin was born on October, 16th 1965 in Barrie, Ontario. It seems that there were a lot of children born to Sylvia Ann Oliver during the next few years. If anyone has any information on this family please get in touch as Kevin would love to make contact with you. Thank you.
Date:  Friday 12 March 2010
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