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Georgina Margaret Ashley Dolan Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Georgina Margaret Ashley Dolan Picture
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  I am seeking an old school-days pal. We are both 70 yrs old now and have not been in contact for over 50 years. Georgina Margaret Ashley Dolan (nee Usherwood) moved to Devon from Essex back in 1959/60 and we very soon lost contact. She married a Michael Dolan in 1969, in the Torbay District of Devon. I do know that she moved to Royston, Herts. but have no idea when that was and although I had an address for her in Old North Road, Royston, I think she moved again sometime in 2006? It would seem that we both retired in 2006 and I moved out here to Cyprus with my Wife Valerie. I would just love to be back in contact with Georgina so that we could exchange just how life had panned out for us and renew a very old friendship. June 8th 2016 Update . . . I have been told that Georgina moved to The Algarve District of Portugal around 2006/2007. She seems not to have a telephone land-line and that was the only way I could find to search for her in Portugal. Any ideas as to where to search for her would be most appreciated. I have located her youngest daughter (42) who is Eleanor Margaret A. Wilson (nee Dolan) and married to Andrew J. Wilson. This couple seem to live somewhere in Gloucester but I cannot get an address for them? The search goes on . . .
Posted By:  Paul David Fassam on Monday 18 April 2016


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