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George Christopher Connell Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  George Christopher Connell
Location:  Glasgow and Strathclyde : No Town Information
Message:  Hi am searching for relatives of my birth father. I know that he died some years ago but I know I have aunties,uncles and cousins and possibly half brothers or sisters as I don't imagine I was his only child. I used to visit these relatives occasionally when I lived in Mary hill as a child. These visits started out of the blue one day when a teenaged girl called for me one Easter Sunday and took me to her parents home. I assume my mother knew of this beforehand but she sent me off with this girl who I think was called Jean without a word of explanation. After that someone would come and fetch me every now and then. Then suddenly my step father's mother died and it was decided we would move to South Wales where my mother was originally from. The move happened very quickly and I had no further contact with my new found relatives and as I was so young I did not know their addresses or even surnames to be able to stay in touch and sadly I have even forgotten first names after all these years so please forgive me but I only met you on a few occasions. I would really love to be in contact with you again and my dearest wish is to see a photo of my father and hopefully find out what he was like, good or bad. My mother has always refused to tell me anything. I was brought up as Chatham as my stepfather was called Samuel Chatham and my mother was Kitty Mason and last off we lived in Hinshaw St. Hope this message reaches someone who can help me. Thanks.
Posted By:  Heather Christine Davies on Monday 18 November 2013


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