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Frank (Patrick) Vary Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Frank (patrick) Vary
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  I would like to contact anyone who can give me information on my Grandfather Frank Vary who was born in a workhouse in Northampton in 1902. The main information l am looking for is what happened to him / were he was between his birth and 1921 when he joined the Army in Liverpool. He is not on the 1911 census. His mother was Ellen Vary nee Reen (believed to be from Ireland), his father Thomas Vary. any information would be great.
Posted By:  Alan Vincent on Tuesday 31 May 2016

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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Anyone With Knowledge Of Frank (patrick) Vary
Seeker:  Alan Vincent
Location:  South East
Message:  I would like to hear from anyone who can give me any information about Frank (Patrick) Vary.(My Grandfather)who died in 1979. I know he was in the army from 1919 to 1929, and he was born in a Bedford workhouse in 1902. He does not appear on the 1911 Census.
Date:  Wednesday 15 June 2016
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