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Fitzpatrick and O\`Reilly Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Fitzpatrick And O\`reilly
Location:  East Anglia : Cambridge
Message:  Dion P Fitzpatrick Born 1st qtr 1964 Mill Road Hospital Cambridge Carol Joan Fitzpatrick Born 3rd qtr 1967 Mill Road Hospital Cambridge Ian D Fitzpatrick Born 3rd qtr 1965 Mill Road Hospital Cambridge. IAN HAS NOW BEEN FOUND AND HAS A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS MOTHER. HE IS AWARE OF WHERE HIS FATHER IS BUT AS YET NO CONTACT MADE. John Fitzpatrick Born 4th qtr 1962 Mill Road Hospital Cambridge Your mother is Margaret Joy Fitzpatrick (born Bakewell) Born 18/3/1943 Joy was married in Jan 1961 to a Phillip Fitzpatrick and had another daughter Marion, who i have traced (was living in South Korea) I continue to find Dion Carol and John 03/07/2014 This update is as of 04/06/2016......Have now found Ian D Fitzpatrick who\`s father is a Michael O\`Rielly...(picture attached taken in cambridge) he has yet to be found last known where-a-bouts was Cambridge 1963 ish. This now leaves also Carol, Dion and John to be found whos father is Fitzpatrick
Posted By:  John Bakewell on Wednesday 17 April 2013


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