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Emmanuel Fisher Orr Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Emmanuel Fisher Orr Picture
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  Sorry for any confusion, not anyones fault; there were 3 men named Emmanuel Fisher Orr in Great Britain 2 married miss Anne D Maguire. I was at my parents wedding in Kensington London.My mum died in 1999 age 65.Mr John Callaghan was my mums Dad,Mr John Maguire was my grans second husband.One of the men; same 3 names as my Dad, was from Manchester/Yorkshire,another in or from Ireland and my Dad from Scotland. My mum was Mrs Anne Orr, as was the Lady who lived at Ramires Court London. Some of these couples may have had the same date of Birth and names.Trying to differentiate by typing Grandparents names etc...Thank-You for help.I am now back in touch with my Dads brothers and sisters, but they do not know what happened to him as he worked in Johanessburg, South Africa, he came back to England and Scotland at various points in time? I am now trying to find out what happened to my Dad and if I have any half brothers or sisters?Both my Grans Husbands were in the Army in World War Two? My Grandfather Mr John Callaghan was one of many men missing presumed dead during the War, I never met him or my mums Step-Dad Sergeant John Maguire, whom my gran later divorced.This is why my mum was Miss Anne Dunlop Maguire on her Wedding Day.My Mum and Dad had two Daughters Deborah Anne Orr and deceased Geraldene Catherine Orr.She;my little sister was born on the 29 01 1966; she died with my mum on 24th October 1999. From Mrs Debbie Campbell
Posted By:  Debbie Campbell on Monday 19 September 2016


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