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Douglas Robert Mckinney Missing Person

Category: Adoptions
Seeking:  Douglas Robert Mckinney
Location:  South West : Swindon
Message:  I'm trying to find Douglas Robert McKinney who was adopted from the Swindon area. He was born 10th January 1958 at Swindons Maternity hospital. He has a sister, Susanne who was born 1956 also in Swindon. She was put into care but was sadly never adopted. She would love to find him. A tv programme took on the case, found his new name but couldn't find him on the electoral rolls. They contacted his adopted parents but weren't able to say why they were looking for him. He hasn't spoken to his adopted parents in around 13 years and his adopted mother has since died (her cousin was the informant). His adopted father does not know where he is. He is registered with a GP in the UK. Im now paying an adoption worker to try to find him. I don't know his new name. If anyone knows of someone under these circumstances - please get in touch!
Posted By:  Harriet Baines on Wednesday 17 August 2016


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