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Demetri Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Demetri
Location:  South East : No Town Information
Message:  my brother David and me are looking for our Dad we think he lived in Streatham/Wimbledon our mum Teresa Capocci was unmarried living in Amesbury Avenue Streatham with David born 19/11/62 I was born 4/11/63 Our Dad new about my brother but not sure if he new I was born as I was given up for adoption our mum is italian and believe our dad is greek ... my aunty Flora knew him as well please any info to his whereabouts would be great many thanks Angel and David Capocci ... I found my mum and my brother now just need to find our dad...Our mum said his first name was Barney but shes not very truthful so unsure !
Posted By:  Angel Capocci on Friday 19 February 2016


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