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Dave Missing Person

Category: Family & Friends
Seeking:  Dave
Location:  No Regional Information : No Town Information
Message:  Many years ago this site helped me find my uncle and a cousin, I’m hoping for some more help now! My cousin is trying to find his biological father. There is not much to go on. Possibly called or known as Dave. His mum was born 15/02/1950 and passed away in 2013. She lived in Clun Road, Littlehampton during her pregnancy. Someone has mentioned that they knew her with a different surname/s Keats/Bassett but they are unsure of the spelling. I tried looking on the electoral roll and census, but couldn’t find anything but maybe that was me! Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Posted By:  Amy on Tuesday 29 January 2019

similar missing persons

Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Family Of Leslie Thomas Davey
Seeker:  Ruth Davey
Location:  Greater London : 5709
Message:  My father was demobbed from royal navy around the end of 1945 in Australia. I know he had 11 siblings. his mother was jewish and father catholic.Some of the sibling names are Ada, Flo, James, Roy,Frank. His sister Ada Married Fred Cain - Daughter Jean who married Congram approx15 yrs ago The family lived in Tooting Bec and that is where his parents are buried.Frank Married Rita Sexton 3 children {?cousin to the Sexton who was involved with Manchester United football club. Having grown up in Australia with no contact with extended family I have always wanted to find them
Date:  Sunday 25 May 2008
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Susan Jacques Or Davenport
Seeker:  John Paul Leasing
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber : 22941
Message:  NOW FOUND - many thanks for everyones help!! JP
Date:  Tuesday 28 August 2012
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Category: Armed Forces - Navy
Name:  Ros And Dave Yeomans
Seeker:  Julie Cartnner
Location:  West Midlands : 19939
Message:  We lost touch around 1977 after I stayed at your new home. Would love to catch up after all these years julie cartner
Date:  Friday 22 October 2010
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Category: Armed Forces - Army
Name:  William Davey Picture
Seeker:  Gerald Woodgate
Location:  North East : 5959
Message:  Greetings from Yorkshire. Looking for Bill Davey from Horden,Peterlee. Old army pal. 1963/1965. We both joined 11 Signal Regiment, Catterick. COMCEN OPS. I am from Merseyside but now reside in Yorkshire. Bill was my best friend. He will be aged 64 now, same as myself. I had some of my best days with Bill at his home in Fourth Street, Horden. Street was demolished around 1973. Bill's dad was a miner. He had two or three sisters. I recently put a letter in Peterlee Mail. Had one call back on Thursday 21st October. I was out. The caller was Tracy who promised to call back. She has not done so yet. I am now retired. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks for looking. Please call 01274 532428 If I am out BT will take your call.
Date:  Saturday 23 October 2010
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Category: Family & Friends
Name:  Dave David Bell
Seeker:  Michelle Bell
Location:  Yorkshire and the Humber : 23312
Message:  Im searching for my dad who ive not seen for many years i was born in leeds and our last family home was tillberry terrace leeds his dad was called bernard. I also have a sister born to him too he has or had a mermaid taatoo on left arm with our names above and below his ex wife was jackie and we moved to bridlington when they split. Any body who thinks they might know of him any help would be greatfully recived thx
Date:  Wednesday 30 January 2013
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